Hi, late 30's trans woman here.
This is my safe space and outlet to express myself while coming to terms with all that is difficult, and complicated in my life.
There is more to me than being a trans woman though, and if you want to know more, I'd like to try. I've been pretty antisocial in my life, and I'm working at changing this.
If you want to follow me; and you're a porn, sissy, trap, fetish, tr*nny, blog or anything along those lines at my discretion- I'm going to add you will be blocked and reported for harassment. *
I am not an object to be fetishized. I am not a man pretending to be a woman. I am not a sissy or a crossdresser. I am not a drag queen or transvestite. I am not at all confused.

Trans Misogyny and Fetishizing

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The Pink Faierie in Me